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Multiple accounts

Elk supports logging into multiple Mastodon accounts. Select the three vertical dot menu button next to your profile picture on a desktop or your profile picture directly on mobile devices, then select Add an existing account.

Switch between your accounts quickly:

  • On the desktop, select the profile picture for the account to use.
  • On mobile devices or smaller screens, tap your profile picture to see a list of signed-in accounts, then select the account to use.

Rich text

Elk renders basic Markdown-like text markup in post texts as the expected HTML.

  • Use one asterisk (*) before and after a word or phrase to italicize* the text.
  • Surround the text with two asterisks (**word**) to bold it.
Many apps do not support Markdown in posts. Mastodon itself does not support Markdown in posts.Users who see your posts from other apps or the Mastodon web app see standard, unrendered Markdown text.

Code blocks

Elk supports adding code blocks to your posts.

When writing the post, select the editor tools and then Code Block to add a block to your post. Paste or type in the contents.

Once you've added the block, you can select the language to use for code highlighting. Hover over the right side of the code block to see the drop down box, then select the dropdown to see the full list of supported languages.

Options include:

  • plain
  • c
  • cpp
  • csharp
  • css
  • dart
  • go
  • html
  • java
  • javascript
  • jsx
  • kotlin
  • python
  • rust
  • svelte
  • swift
  • tsx
  • typescript
  • vue

Connecting linked posts in the timeline

Elk reorders timeline posts that are connected to each other to display them in a connected thread in the timelines. This helps keep the conversation context for a post and its replies.

Improved notifications

Elk groups boosts and likes to the same post when they occur together in the notification history. Rather than displaying each like and boost with the post contents as in other apps, Elk displays the post one time with a list of the users who liked or boosted the post. This greatly simplifies your notification history.